For Everyone

A lot of the information that we find, read, absorb, share can be useful beyond our local community. If we find resources that need to be shared that are not location specific, they will find their way to one of these pages.

Resources for Everyone

On this page, you’ll find resources that are useful for everyone, no matter what location they might be in.

On Gender and Sexuality

This page has a list of resources to help better understand sex, gender, and sexuality, how they connect, and where they’re different.


A listing of queer books and queer authors, because who doesn’t love a bit of queer reading?

Queer History

This page has links to places where you can learn about and explore the history of being queer, trans, LGB, or anywhere else on the rainbow including archives with access to historical documents.

Off Islands Resources

We recognize that not everyone who comes here is local to Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands. We also recognize that people migrate. With that in mind, this page is designed to connect people to resources in other parts of the country and world.