It’s not fair, but we often need to be our own advocates. Thankfully, there are resources out there to help us with that.

Trans Rights BC: This project aims to disseminate human rights information that is accurate, accessible, and relevant to the safety and well-being of trans and gender-diverse individuals and their supportive allies across British Columbia.


TransCare BC: A program of the Provincial Health Authority, Trans Care BC is a province-wide information service and resource hub. Our services support those who identify as trans, Two-Spirit and gender diverse, their families, friends and loved ones as well as service providers. Trans Care BC’s Care Coordination Team helps connect people in BC to gender-affirming health and wellness supports. The team includes health navigators, nurses, peers, and admin support staff. The team has access to a general practitioner for consultation as needed. It works alongside service providers and community contacts from across the province to help people find care and support as close to home as possible. People contact our program for many reasons. We always try to respond to the unique needs of each person. Trans Care BC also supports peer programming throughout the province through the Peer and Community Networks Team and is able to support education/training requests on a case-by-case basis through the Education Team. The website includes resources on pathways to care, information about gender affirming care, support groups and clinical resources for medical providers. To Contact: Toll-Free Line:1-866-999-1514; Care Coordination Team Email:

Non-Binary Transition for medical providers: This presentation (viewable as slides or video) breaks down what practitioners need to know about transition for folks who are non-binary.

School and Workplace

Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting: This team brings gender diversity to the forefront of understanding and helps build inclusive and compassionate environments in schools, workplaces, and other organizations through workshops, consultations, planning, analysis, and so much more.

Anti-Violence Project: AVP is committed to addressing and ending gender-based violence on campus and beyond. They strive to provide anti-oppressive and sex-positive services, advocacy and action on-campus and off to people of all genders, in partnership and collaboration, in order to address and resist gender-based and all forms of violence.

Positive Space Alliance: They seek to raise awareness of diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity and to challenge the patterns of silence that continue to marginalize these communities. They promote the creation of a space defined by equality, free from discrimination and hate. It is a public proclamation of support and affirmation of (LGBTQ+) members of our community, making the VIU campus a more welcoming place for all.