The Vancouver Island Queer Resource Collective was created to fill a community need. The Collective currently exists as a website and a group of individuals who wish to state their association. This is not official in any capacity and will only be able to continue if the community wishes it to continue.

There has been a repeatedly stated need to know what is safe, what is accessible, who is knowledgeable, where to get support and help, and where to find connection. After years of experiencing this lack of accessible information and doing the leg-work to find it for others, Nathan created this website to be a hub for that information for the Vancouver Island LGBTI2SQ+ communities and those communities on the islands around Vancouver Island. While the initial population of information came directly from Nathan’s experience in community, that now represents a tiny fraction of the resources linked on this site. Currently, Nathan is the only curator of the website, however the information posted is sourced from members of the community across the islands.

If you would like to be a curator, please contact us!

This website is paid for out of pocket by those who help manage and maintain it. All work done to update and maintain the website is done on a volunteer basis. Everyone in our community is already stretched thin, so occasionally updates are few or late. For this reason, posts to the site are in as permanent a format as possible to limit the amount that an individual post needs to be updated.

Why do we use the word “Queer”?

Current Projects

LGBTQ2SI+ Community Resource Centre


Nathan Veenhof
I am a queer and trans Victoria resident who has lived on Vancouver Island for most of the last 12 years. I have been involved in the queer and trans communities in a variety of capacities over the last five years. Currently, I am a Social Sciences student at the University of Victoria and spend my time doing activism, support work, facilitation, and childcare. I also enjoy staying active and taking my cat for walks. The VIQRC website was my brainchild and, recognizing it’s importance, I want to lay the strongest foundations for it to survive life’s challenges and be able to live on to support the queer communities of Vancouver Island for years to come.